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Meet Our Payments Consultants: Ryan Palmer

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Our self-employed Payments Consultants are responsible for helping prospective customers understand the value Dojo products can bring to their businesses. Just as Dojo empowers businesses to thrive, our consultants are empowered to build their own empires by sharing a product they believe in, and enjoying the freedom of doing it their own way. 

Meet Ryan Palmer, 32, from Gravesend. Ryan has been a PC for 1.5 years (including 4 months full time), and has an average monthly earnings of £7,000 - £8,000. Learn more about his experience below.


After 4 months full-time, I’d earned my entire yearly teaching salary. Dojo makes me feel free!

Before Dojo, I was working really hard as a teacher, but I’d always had higher aspirations. I didn’t want to go up the ladder in teaching as I knew it wouldn’t give me the flexibility I craved, and there were limits to what I could earn. My cousin was working for Dojo and doing well, so I thought it was worth trying.

I’ve always had a business mindset, running my own sports coaching business on the side. I didn’t have to invest any money, so there was nothing to lose. After just under a year, I was making more from Dojo than my day job. So I left teaching and made the move to full-time. 

It’s given me and my partner so much financial freedom. We don’t need to stress about the cost of living and can afford to take the kids on more holidays. We’re planning to buy our first house – something we only dreamed of before.

What brings me the most happiness is finally having the right work-life balance

Joining Dojo has given me flexibility, which is incredible. I’m in charge of my own hours; it means I can take my kids to school, and my day typically starts after that at around 9am. I check in with other PCs (usually my cousin and brother), answer some emails and check my calendar.

I choose an area (I work all over the UK) and select a busy road. Then I go into every place on that street. I never miss a shop and I always make sure I get a contact email or number. 

I go home around 5 or 6pm, put the kids to bed and send a few emails to the contacts I’ve made that day. I work more when I want to earn more and less if I need a break.

No success story ever comes without challenges

I find it hard when I’m met with judgement from potential customers, especially if they’ve had bad experiences with other companies.

I also find resetting at the start of a new month challenging. Seeing zero and knowing you have to build your leads from scratch for that month is hard. But I’ve learnt to overcome these and embrace the challenges and struggles.

The culture at Dojo is to support and empower (with a healthy dose of competition)

Working for Dojo makes me feel free. I can go anywhere and speak to anyone from any background. Connecting with so many people and positively impacting their lives is so rewarding.

I love how supportive the PC community is – I can ring up others in my team for advice or ask questions on our Whatsapp group. People are so happy for each other when they get big deals. It’s like a family – we all go out a lot, and Dojo runs lots of incentives and events. It’s a really cool place to work.

If you’re a grafter, this is the right place for you

Dojo gives you an amazing opportunity to earn, but it all depends on how hard you want to work. If you’re not self-motivated, it would be hard. 

You need to be obsessed with your work to do well. There’ll be a time when you don’t sleep, and you make beans on toast for dinner. So it’s really important to stay focused, hit your goals, and keep pushing.

At Dojo, if you have a clear picture of where you want to be, you can get there. It’s just you driving the car, so you're in charge. It just depends on how hard you want to push down the accelerator.

I don’t want to be a millionaire – I just want to be happy

My next goal is to buy my family a bigger house where we see ourselves long term. My target is 100k this year. But I’m fully aware that money isn’t everything. I just want to be happy, and I believe Dojo is helping me get there.


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