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Risk Solutions Engineer

  • London
  • Risk
  • Full time
  • R-0003096

Creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive Dojo

Dojo’s 150,000+ customers reflect the diversity of the UK High Street. Building teams with diverse backgrounds that are representative of the customer base which we serve is fundamental to creating innovative products at Dojo. Whoever you are, if you’re passionate about your work, curious, relentless and customer-obsessed, you have a place at Dojo. 

We want everyone to be the best they can be throughout the recruitment process; if you require any additional adjustments please let us know.

The role

The ideal candidate for this position is a detail-oriented individual with a strong analytical mindset and either a solid understanding of risk in the payments industry or a genuine desire to learn and develop expertise in this field. This is a dynamic role, involving analysing data, implementing new rules, optimising existing rule sets, and developing tooling to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Proficiency in data analysis, pattern recognition, and at least one high level programming language is crucial for success in this role. Additionally, you may be adept at translating insights from a risk monitoring team, domain expertise, and empirical evidence into effective rules. While not strictly required, it would be advantageous if you have an understanding of fraud typologies, KYC challenges, emerging trends, and regulatory requirements.

What will you do

  • Maintain and monitor Dojo's rules-based risk solution, encompassing various aspects such as tracking evolving fraud typologies and ensuring optimal performance of the risk monitoring platform.

  • Utilise domain expertise, insights from the risk team, and data-driven evidence to monitor the performance of existing rules and develop and implement new rules that enhance risk solutions .

  • Analyse the performance of the Dojo book to identify anomalies, trends and opportunities.

  • Develop and create data sets that will assist in the development of scorecards for both the Underwriting and Risk Monitoring areas. 

  • Create Looker dashboards and potentially web applications to facilitate efficient data analysis..

  • Stay updated with industry advancements and regulatory changes in risk monitoring, incorporating relevant knowledge into surveillance practices.

  • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, to gather feedback, validate monitoring effectiveness, and drive continuous improvement.

  • Document and own development processes, changes, and enhancements in respect of systemic monitoring ensuring clear and concise records for reference and audit purposes.

  • Proactively identify opportunities for automation and process improvement within the monitoring lifecycle.

  • Provide technical support and guidance to internal stakeholders, enabling them to effectively navigate the rules-based risk monitoring solution.

What will you bring

Necessary Skills

  • Proficiency in SQL or Python (proficiency in both is highly desirable).

  • Demonstrable experience with analytics and software development projects.

Desirable Skills:

  • With the rules written in a Java-based language, proficiency in any high-level programming language is sufficient, as the syntax is straightforward.

  • Experience with BigQuery and working within the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment.

  • Experience with business intelligence tools such as Looker, PowerBI, or Tableau (experience with Looker is preferred at Dojo).

  • Familiarity with version control software such as Git and knowledge of software development practices like continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).

  • Familiarity with machine learning concepts and experience in applying machine learning algorithms.

About Dojo

We launched Dojo in 2019 to address business owners’ pain points across the UK. Since then, we’ve seen incredible growth as a scaling fintech, welcoming over 150,000 customers and growing the Dojo team to 1,000+ people across five locations. In that time, we’ve also introduced Dojo Virtual Queues & Bookings and the Dojo restaurant finder app, formerly known as WalkUp and loved by 1,000 restaurants and 750,000 diners. 

Today, we work towards our mission to empower businesses to thrive in the Experience Economy by creating the tools and technology that turn transactions into meaningful relationships. For our business customers, that means fast funding, the fastest payments, smart integrations, and efficient virtual queues & bookings - all with instant insight across the board. For diners, that means getting seated at their favourite restaurants with just a couple of taps on the Dojo app. Whether it’s for busy business owners or hungry diners, every Dojo product is built to address real customer pain points by our dedicated teams in London, Bristol, Hull and Belfast. 

Our values

At Dojo, we’re curious . We have an insatiable desire to learn and innovate. And we’re relentless . We persevere even when it’s easier not to. But, we’re nothing without our customers, who drive everything we do. From day one, Dojo was built on real customer pain points and every one of us is customer-obsessed. 

Our way of working

Dojo has adopted a set of shared principles with the aim of increasing in-person collaboration and amplifying our ‘Customer First’ values. We encourage our employees to meet in-person over virtual meetings, and our communication is mostly asynchronous. Unlike most other businesses, we are intentionally avoiding a rules-based approach, and each team is empowered to make the arrangements that work best for their success. The answer to every scenario which tests these principles is: We trust you to use your judgement responsibly, in the best interest of our customers.

Find out more about our benefits and what it’s like to work at Dojo at . Learn more about Life at Dojo on LinkedIn and Instagram .