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We are Dojo – empowering businesses to thrive

Creating the tools and technology that turn transactions into meaningful relationships.

Our company

We started in the payments game back in 2009. Businesses were being underserved by providers up and down the land, so we got to work to create something better.

Fast-forward to 2020, and we went all out to change the game again, this time with Dojo – a payments platform designed to simplify how our customers do business.

Today, our 900-strong team of Dojoers help over 130,000 businesses enjoy more opportunity, maximise efficiency and have happier customers. What's next? Join us and shape the future of high street experiences.

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Our customers love us

The numbers speak for themselves


The number of customers we serve


Our industry-leading NPS score


Our industry-leading Trustpilot score

We started with payments, but our ambition is much greater than getting people paid.

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Our purpose, mission & vision

Having a goal in sight is key to any fast-paced, rapidly expanding business. Identifying a purpose, mission, and vision is what drives it. These are ours.



To empower the experience economy.



Create tools that turn transactions into meaningful relationships.



A thriving experience economy – enabled by technology but powered by people.