Payments Consultants – getting the word out to customers.

Our self-employed Payments Consultants are responsible for helping prospective customers understand the value Dojo products can bring to their business. Our PCs manage their own business with our full support. It’s the best of both worlds.

Freedom to thrive. Your way.

Our Payments Consultants unleash their inner CEOs every day. Connecting with business owners and spreading the word. 

Just as Dojo empowers businesses to thrive, our consultants are empowered to build their own empire by sharing a product they believe in. And enjoy the freedom of doing it their way.

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A day in the life

Meet Tavis. He bet himself he could beat his salary within the first month at Dojo — here's how he’s doing, 10 months later.

A product you can believe in

Being a Payments Consultant gives you the best of all worlds, but success boils down to the product. Our products and services are built to tackle customer pain points, so you can be confident that what you’re selling will go down a treat.

An empire-life balance

Even the best and brightest entrepreneurs take some time out to party. We want our sales team to have fun, share experiences and build a community together — so nights out and away days are part of the norm at Dojo. And you won’t want to miss our legendary sales conferences.