DEI at Dojo

Our people make us tick. Every single brilliant one of them. We champion individuality and inclusivity. Having different points of view is how we generate our best ideas.

Diversity matters

Our workplace is for everyone. A home for diverse minds to collaborate and create brilliant products in the process. We partner with organisations like SheCanCode and Black Young Professionals to ensure wide access to talent.

DEI Champions

Our DEI champions meet regularly to discuss strategy. They come from all of our communities so everyone has a seat at the table.

They share ideas, give feedback and hold our internal teams accountable to see their changes through. It's a great way to collaborate and make sure everyone's voice is heard.

Find your community

Communities at Dojo are safe spaces of respect and privacy, led and driven by individuals rather than the People Team. Anyone can set one up.

The Black Experience

This is a space where black people can be seen, heard and celebrated.

It’s a respite from the statistics and stereotypes. Not to mention an opportunity to experience each other’s cultures and sample the delights of incredible African and Caribbean cuisine.


A space where everyone in the neurodivergent community can feel safe, explore ideas and raise awareness.

From Dyslexia and Dyspraxia to Autism and ADHD, Neurodiverse is designed to make each day a little clearer for all.

Dojo Asians

From language to food and lifestyle, Dojo Asians is a network of people who discuss anything that celebrates Asian culture.

Ever wondered about the differences between traditional and simplified Chinese? Or what Koreans do during the bonfire festival?

Women at Dojo

Shared experiences, perspectives and interests are at the heart of Women at Dojo.

From hosting events and hearing from inspiring women to tackling the gender pay gap, this group is passionate about empowering women and driving change both in and out of the office.

Parents of Dojo

Getting the balance between home, work and kids is never easy. A supportive network can be invaluable, particularly on those extra stressful days.

From funny stories and embarrassing moments to top tips, you’ll find like-minded parents who’ve seen it all before.


Our LGBTQ+ society is built on tolerance and acceptance.

Everyone is encouraged to share their experiences and hear those of others in a safe, comfortable space.

Women in Tech

A place for women in tech to provide mutual support, build a strong community, aid each other in our personal and career development, share stories, and discuss any challenges we’re facing.

Mental Health

A community for anyone who has been impacted by mental health - either personally or by that of a loved one. It’s a positive, supportive space to speak openly, share experiences, and inspire each other - to continue normalising the conversation on mental health.

Muslims at Dojo

A faith based space that allows Muslims at Dojo to connect and to share experiences. Everyone is welcome to join!

Encouraging diversity outside of Dojo

True change starts with education. Part of our work is creating opportunities for underrepresented young people.

We give our employees the opportunity to mentor students through the programme ‘Wespeak’. It aims to improve the storytelling and presentation skills of young people from ethnic minorities around the UK. 82% of WeSpeak’s participants identify as female, and 79% are from black or other underrepresented ethnic backgrounds.

We’ve also partnered with the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham – a sixth-form college in an underprivileged area of London. Here, only 52% of pupils continue their education after age 16. We offer these students unrivalled access to work experience, networking prospects and workshops.