Your career at Dojo

We see career progression as a journey. Development looks different for everyone, and growth doesn’t always mean ‘moving up a level’.

Squiggly careers

We don't want to lock you into a set path at Dojo. So you're free to squiggle. Whether it's sideways or forwards, you'll get the support you need to explore new areas and develop your skills.

You’re unique and your career should be too.

Career pathways

We created Career Pathways to help keep your squiggly career on track. Everyone has different strengths and progression doesn’t have to mean leading a team. Whether you want to become an expert "individual contributor" or take on a leadership role, there's a path at Dojo for you.
Career Pathways is a clear framework which helps you understand your goals and how to get there.

It's a compass - not a GPS

Personal development and progression through levels are linked but not mutually exclusive – focus on being the best you can be and the framework will work for you.

We encourage real-time, ongoing feedback and open communication, all year-round. We do this through simple growth cycles at least every 6 months, which help us understand what’s going well, and where we could be doing better.

Tackling big projects with even bigger ambitions isn’t for everyone. But if you’ve got the skills and the tenacity, you’ll be trusted to make the right calls at Dojo.

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