It always feels calming to walk into the office after the chaos of my commute – the coffee bar playing 'So Naive' by The Kooks. I head back to the Marketing area, saying hi to someone I know from the Tech team on the way. 

I'm glad to see my favourite spot by the window is free. I chat with a couple of people in the Design team as I log into my laptop – swapping stories from the company summer party last week (genuinely one of the best I've been to!).

I answer my Slack messages and check my schedule for the day before heading to the coffee bar with a few members of the team. We catch up about life, work and everything in between before heading back to our desks - iced caramel lattes in hand. So many of the team I count as genuine friends, not just colleagues.


I put my headphones in and start working on a flyer to be used by our Payments Consultants, which I'm keen to get a first draft of this morning. It's for a beauty magazine, so I spend quite a bit of time trying to come up with a pun about payments and spa treatments. I finally settle on 'Stay zen from treatment to payment.'


Time for a team catchup with Channel Marketing. There are 3 of us in the office and 1 dialling in from home. We have a quick catch-up about our priorities, deadlines and updates.

On my way back to my desk, I see a gorgeous little golden spaniel I haven't seen before. I bend down to say hello, and she licks my hand. I chat with her owner, who says she's 6 months old and called 'Bailey'. She really is the cutest thing.


I have a one to one with our Partner Marketing Manager in the Social Hub, picking up a coffee and a snack on the way. We chat happily about our plans for the weekend before she briefs me on an email campaign for a new summer incentive for partners.


I go with a few friends from Marketing to get lunch from a food stall down the road. It's a beautiful walk along the canal in the sun, and we all head to the office rooftop to eat. Wimbledon is showing on the big screen, and deck chairs are set out. We spend our lunch hour mostly chatting, laughing and offering our opinions on tennis. Work chat is rarely part of our lunchtimes, which I love.


I get my head down on a few projects with deadlines at the end of this week, stopping only to grab a cupcake from a tray left over from a meeting.

There's a message on Slack announcing special celebrations in the office next week for Eid al-Adha, including lunch, activities, henna and chai. It sounds so much fun – I give it a thumbs-up and put it on my calendar. They never miss an event at Dojo - there's always something going on.


The design and copy team sit down to discuss how we'll market a new product, deciding which imagery and messaging we'll need based on the brief we've been given. I love meetings like this. They're always a lot of fun, and I strongly believe the best ideas happen when we're all in the same room.


Everyone heads to the Social Hub for our bi-weekly company-wide briefings, called "Thursday Syncs". A chance to socialise and find out what's been going on in the wider business. They always have drinks out for these, so I pour myself a glass of white wine on the way. We listen to presentations from several teams on a few of our upcoming products, an update on how we approve applications and a demo of our new Partner Hub login.


Some people head home after the sync, but a crowd of us stick around for a drink in the Social Hub. The air is thick with laughter, and everyone seems in a good mood. Some people head off to a pub down the road – I stay for another before heading off home. 

Another genuinely enjoyable day working at Dojo. I honestly don't think I've had a bad one yet!  

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