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Dojo Discussions: Dani and Emilie

Convo 1

Want the inside scoop on Life at Dojo? Meet Dani Lifford, a Senior Customer Service Advisor, and Emilie Mutter, a Customer Service Manager. Dani and Emilie were paired as part of our Women in Leadership Mentorship Programme, created in 2023 to provide dedicated time for women at Dojo to have career conversations with senior leaders. Drop in on their conversation about how they got started in their own careers, what surprised them about working at Dojo, and the things inspiring them in and out of work.

Dani: What was your first job, and what did you like most about it?

Emilie: My first job was as a beautician! I absolutely loved getting creative doing different designs on people's nails, and clients were the best at having great things to talk about. I think this is where I first realised that I loved giving customers the best experiences. 

Emilie: How did you come to start working at Dojo? 

Dani: The contact centre where I was previously working was making redundancies, and I started to hear buzzes of Dojo from my colleagues who had applied. I sent my CV directly to the Talent Acquisition team and haven't looked back since!

Dani: What advice would you give to your younger self? 

Emilie: You don't have to have it all figured out. Whilst it's good to have goals and a bit of a plan, it's absolutely fine if something takes you off course. All of these experiences are opportunities to learn and grow. 

Emilie: How do you spend your lunch break?

Dani: I always make sure to socialise and I think it's important to be aware of your screen time, so always make sure to step outside. Then without a doubt, a caffeine top up! 

Emilie: What inspires you most, in or out of work? 

Dani: Inside of work, I am inspired by my team and the people around me. I want to ensure I am always doing my best not only for our customers but for my colleagues. Then outside of work, I am inspired by my family, friends, and travel. 

Dani: What surprised you most about working at Dojo? 

Emilie: Probably that there isn't a catch! I genuinely thought Dojo was too good to be true when I joined nearly 4 years ago, but it really is as amazing as it advertises. There is true autonomy in all of the roles and we actively encourage people to be their true selves. 

Development looks different for everyone, and growth doesn't always mean simply moving up a level. We created 32 pairs of self-enrolled mentees and trained mentors to meet for 4 sessions over a 3 month period. The programme aims to prepare women for leadership roles by providing one to one, confidential access to senior leaders, enabling career conversations, and carving out time to dedicate specifically to leadership development. 

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