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Meet the Talent Team: Mette Sorensen

Mette Meet The Recruiter

We hire people who are passionate. Self-starters, boat-rockers, and change-makers who love to do what's right, not what's easy. How do we find the best talent? With the best recruiters! Meet the Talent Acquisition Team, who are seeking out and hiring the people who will be building the future of Dojo.

Meet Mette Sorensen, Director of Talent Acquisition. Mette spends much of her time focusing on the impact the Talent Team will be making long term, and supporting our recruiters by removing barriers and helping the team learn and grow. 

What's your favourite part of working at Dojo?

Dojo is full of super talented and curious people who really want to make a difference to their customers. You can feel the energy and passion, and things happen at an incredible pace.

Show us a photo of something you're passionate about outside of work.

I love coffee and walking - but who doesn’t! I enjoy travelling and spending time with my family. This photo is from Vietnam, which is one of my favourite places to travel. And yes, we are giants (very tall!) in this family.

What advice would you give to candidates looking for a role at Dojo? 

Dojo’s pace and relentlessness is not for everyone, but it is definitely right for many of us. Come early for your in-person interview(s), have a coffee, and observe people to get a feel for the culture, and see if Dojo is for you.

What makes a candidate really stand out to you? 

A candidate asking great questions that shows that they have taken in what’s been mentioned at earlier stages is a good sign of curiosity and passion. Also, I loved it when someone is clear on what they bring and what they don’t bring, and feels comfortable about it.

Tell us one thing that no one knows about you. What's not on your CV?

Danish is my first language, and English was my least favourite subject at school. I really only learnt to speak/write it properly as a young adult working with charities and the UN in India. It was a STEEP learning curve!

What was your first job? 

My first job was being an assistant (holiday cover) in a Laundry Service where I sorted the laundry from hotels and ferries. I was 15 years old and being a bit lazy in school, and my dad got me this job. It was a serious eye opener for me to see how hard and monotonous the work was, and I was a lot more motivated to study hard when I went back to school after the summer break. Clever dad.

How did you come to join the Talent Team at Dojo?

I joined Dojo as Director of Talent Development as a maternity cover for the amazing Sheila Taghevi. I had done some hiring in the past (contact centre, generalist and exec hiring) but never in a specialist TA capacity, but was interested in learning more about this side of talent. When the TA Director role became vacant I emphasised my transferable skills for the role and ‘squiggled’ into this new role. It has been a steep learning curve in terms of specialist TA skills, but I am surrounded by the most amazing team, and we have developed and delivered so much in the last year!

What are you most excited about at Dojo, in the next two years?

Our amazing product development as well as the international expansion. It will give us so many opportunities to fix problems for our customers at scale. For TA, I am super excited about how we are moving the dial on female and black talent. We have started systematic initiatives this year, and have more in the pipeline. We are taking strides to becoming a World Class TA function.


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