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Software Engineer - Data Platform

  • London
  • Data
  • Full time
  • R-0003239

Creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive Dojo

Dojo’s 150,000+ customers reflect the diversity of the UK High Street. Building teams with diverse backgrounds that are representative of the customer base which we serve is fundamental to creating innovative products at Dojo. Whoever you are, if you’re passionate about your work, curious, relentless and customer-obsessed, you have a place at Dojo. 

We want everyone to be the best they can be throughout the recruitment process; if you require any additional adjustments please let us know.

The Role

You'll be joining the Data Platform team at Dojo, where we're pioneering our Self Serve Data Platform. What does 'self-serve' mean here? It means empowering domains and teams to manage and process their own data pipelines, providing the tools required to make an impact, quickly and at scale.

If the idea of elevating Data Mesh to the next level excites you, and you want to be a part of the fastest-growing fintech company with a cutting-edge tech stack, then this opportunity is tailor-made for you.

Our Data Platform thrives in a multi-cloud environment, running on AWS and GCP. Built on the principles of Data Mesh, we offer a robust blend of in-house services and open-source products, all orchestrated within a Kubernetes framework and leveraging cloud-native technologies.

The architecture of our Data Platform is cloud-native and event-driven. We process thousands of files and millions of events daily, crafting data products through the use of in-house tools, Kubernetes, Airflow, Apache Kafka, PubSub, and other cloud-native data technologies. A snapshot into our tech stack reveals our enthusiasm for the CNCF landscape

The Team’s Mission

Our mission is straightforward yet ambitious: to construct a state-of-the-art data platform capable of ingesting any data, be it batch or real-time. We are committed to empowering domains across the organisation through fully self-serve capabilities. Our aim is to enable individuals and teams to own, process, and manage their data pipelines with ease and efficiency.

We are champions of the Data Mesh philosophy, diligently laying the foundations to create a decentralised, yet unified, data infrastructure for the future.

What you’ll do…

  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Partner with both technical and non-technical stakeholders to define, design, and implement new features within our Data Platform.

  • Microservices & Libraries: Write data microservices and client libraries leveraging Python, Go, or JVM-based languages.

  • Kubernetes Operators: Develop and harness the power of k8s operators for streamlined operations.

  • Infrastructure Management: Design, own, and implement Data Infrastructure utilising Infrastructure-as-Code principles.

  • Kafka Ecosystem: Implement and manage various components of the Kafka ecosystem including Kafka Connect, Flink, and Kafka Streams.

  • Kubernetes Deployment: Manage the complete life cycle of Kubernetes deployments using tools like ArgoCD and Helm Charts.

  • Lead Technological Initiatives: Spearhead and contribute to proof-of-concept (POC) projects, exploring new technologies and their applicability to our ecosystem.

  • Data Platform Monitoring: Proactively monitor the health of the Data Platform and its components using our Observability stack, which includes Grafana Cloud, Prometheus, AlertOps, PagerDuty, and more.

  • DevEx: Prioritise developer experience to enhance the onboarding and adoption of the platform.

What you’ll bring…

  • Data Handling: Significant experience dealing with large volumes of data, ensuring efficient storage, retrieval, and processing capabilities.

  • Programming Proficiency: Hands-on experience in Python, Go, or JVM-based languages.

  • Proficiency in working with Kubernetes, Helm, and related orchestration technologies.

  • Streaming Knowledge: Familiarity with and understanding of the Kafka ecosystem and its various components or any other streaming ecosystem such as Pub-Sub or Rabbitmq

  • Infrastructure-as-Code: Strong understanding of Infrastructure-as-Code principles and practices.

  • Data Engineering Core Competencies: Demonstrated experience in data pipeline construction, data warehousing, ETL processes, and real-time data processing.

  • Collaboration Skills: Proven ability to work alongside a diverse set of stakeholders, ensuring alignment of technical solutions with business needs.

Tech stack we use at the moment:

Golang, Python, GCP, AWS, Kafka Connect, Strimzi, Kubernetes, Terraform, Airflow, dbt, BigQuery, Looker, GitHub Actions, ArgoCD, Helm, Backstage, Grafana, and we're continuously exploring more technologies to integrate.

About Dojo

We launched Dojo in 2019 to address business owners’ pain points across the UK. Since then, we’ve seen incredible growth as a scaling fintech, welcoming over 150,000 customers and growing the Dojo team to 1,000+ people across five locations. In that time, we’ve also introduced Dojo Virtual Queues & Bookings and the Dojo restaurant finder app, formerly known as WalkUp and loved by 1,000 restaurants and 750,000 diners. 

Today, we work towards our mission to empower businesses to thrive in the Experience Economy by creating the tools and technology that turn transactions into meaningful relationships. For our business customers, that means fast funding, the fastest payments, smart integrations, and efficient virtual queues & bookings - all with instant insight across the board. For diners, that means getting seated at their favourite restaurants with just a couple of taps on the Dojo app. Whether it’s for busy business owners or hungry diners, every Dojo product is built to address real customer pain points by our dedicated teams in London, Bristol, Hull and Belfast. 

Our values

At Dojo, we’re curious . We have an insatiable desire to learn and innovate. And we’re relentless . We persevere even when it’s easier not to. But, we’re nothing without our customers, who drive everything we do. From day one, Dojo was built on real customer pain points and every one of us is customer-obsessed. 

Our way of working

Dojo has adopted a set of shared principles with the aim of increasing in-person collaboration and amplifying our ‘Customer First’ values. We encourage our employees to meet in-person over virtual meetings, and our communication is mostly asynchronous. Unlike most other businesses, we are intentionally avoiding a rules-based approach, and each team is empowered to make the arrangements that work best for their success. The answer to every scenario which tests these principles is: We trust you to use your judgement responsibly, in the best interest of our customers.

Find out more about our benefits and what it’s like to work at Dojo at . Learn more about Life at Dojo on LinkedIn and Instagram .